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March 28, 2012

Joke of the Day Activity Download

 April Fool's Day is coming soon, so why not get your Inner Comedian on and start telling some jokes?  Many of my kiddos struggle with those tricky multiple meaning words though, and my jokes are lost on them!  Here's something I'm going to try to help them "get the joke".  We'll choose a joke and glue it in the "Joke of the Day" square.  Next we'll figure out which word or words in the joke have more than one meaning.  We'll write those words on the sheet, write out the two different meanings and maybe even sketch little objects to go with it.  Then we'll talk about why the play on words is funny.  I'm thinkin' we'll be yucking it up in no time!

Why did the whale eat the dolphin?  It wasn't on porpoise!  

You can download my jokes (Courtesy of Uncle John's Book of Fun) and the worksheet here.

Nice chatting with you!


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