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October 30, 2012

Quick Last-Minute Halloween Activities

Need a quick last-minute Halloween activity but don't have much time to prep?  I've got a couple of great ones!
Here's one I've been using A LOT over the past couple of weeks.  I found some great Fall dot paint sheets  at 3dinosaurs.com.  The Fall Pack Extras has a variety of apples, leaves and pumpkins; the pumpkin is the one I used the most and is pictured at left.
So what did I do with it?

1.  I printed and laminated it and used it as a play dough mat.  I used orange play dough to make little balls, and gave them to the child one at a time after saying targeted words or phrases.  The kids promptly smashed them on the mat!  Many of them tried to cover the entire pumpkin with a layer of smashed play dough.  Fun for them, and a great way to get many reps in a short amount of time.

2.  I printed it out and used it with dot paints for several different purposes.  As an articulation activity, I glued small pictures above each vertical row.  The child would say the word and make one dot with paint for each dot in the row.  I also used it as a categorization activity.  I wrote category names above each row and had the child name 4 items in each category, making a dot for each item named.  Here's an example of one I used:

Here's another fast and easy Halloween craft:  Mummy Lights!

I saw this one on Pinterest, and just had to try it!  There was no website linked to the picture, so I don't know who to credit on this one, but it was easy enough to recreate by myself.  Here's what you need:

Gauze strips cut into 3-4" pieces, a jelly jar, wiggly eyes, tape and a tea light candle.  You can use this target any articulation sound you want by giving the child a piece of gauze after saying target words or phrases.  The child I worked with today requested "Sticky tape" twice for each gauze strip, because we are working on /st/ in two-word phrases.  The child uses the tape to attach the gauze to the jar.  All you need is a small piece of tape at each end.  After the jar is completely covered, simply glue on wiggly eyes (and a smile, if you want your mummy to look more silly than scary).  Then put the candle inside. That's it!  Look how ours turned out:

So cute!!!

Happy Halloween!