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October 26, 2012

Small Talk SLP is now on Facebook and Twitter!

My kids are almost raised...I don't think my blogging harmed them much
I have had more visits to my blog this week than EVER before.  Wow, it's been crazy!  I know I owe some of the increased traffic to my fellow bloggers Carrie at carriesspeechcorner.blogspot.com and CC at ifonlyihadsuperpowers.blogspot.com, who so kindly linked a couple of my posts on their sites.  Thanks, girls!  I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful, sharing community of blogging SLP's!

Way back in February, when I decided to try this blogging thing, my 23-year-old web developer son of mine called me a "Tech Toddler" because I wasn't very tech savvy.  I'm still not, but I can tell you I'm learning A LOT.  Since then, I've learned how to create PDF documents on Powerpoint, share them via Google Docs, and post them to my blog.  I've seen many of my ideas posted by others on Pinterest, which is such a complement, and have received many comments that encourage me to keep on bloggin'.  I kind of took the summer off from blogging, as summertime in Oregon is Sun Time, and being the solar-panel-with-flesh that I am, I can barely stand to stay indoors.  Then, Settling-In-September began, with a flurry of new clients and a mental shift to get back on task.  Now we're almost to the end of Out-of-the-Gates-October and my creative energy has kicked in full gear.  I've added many posts this month and have ideas lined up for several more.   I'm a little apprehensive as to what November will bring!

  Today I added three new buttons:  A link to my Facebook page (which I just started a month ago), a link to Twitter (of which I'm also a newbie) and my license for Scrappin' Doodles, the graphics website that I've been using to create some of my Halloween things.  I'm so proud of myself...I did it all by myself!  Sad, huh?  All you have to do is click on the Facebook and Twitter buttons and it will take you right to my Facebook page or my Twitter feed.  So cool!

I'm so glad you came here to visit me!  I hope you'll like what I have to share.


  1. Yay! Heading over to Facebook & Twitter to like & follow you :) PS, I do NOT consider myself a Tech Toddler, but I'm also fairly new to Twitter!

    1. Carrie, for the record it's my SON that thinks I'm a Tech Toddler. I think I've upgraded to at least Kindergarden status by now ;-)

      Thanks for following me!

  2. This is an awesome comic! My kids have been raising themselves for years because of my computer addition!! lol! Another of my favs is: "A clean house is a sign of a broken computer"

    1. I know, when I saw that comic on Pinterest, I actually laughed out loud! This blogging thing would take over my life if I let it!