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November 26, 2014

Why SLPs Need TpT: Fabulous Materials!

Today I'm linking up with Speech Time Fun to tell you why I think SLPs need Teachers Pay Teachers.

I've been using Teachers Pay Teachers for a couple of years as both a buyer and a seller.  It has become my go-to resource for all things speech and language related.  There are so many amazing products available, and all at extremely reasonable prices.  The products have all been created by talented SLPs and are often just the thing I need to address a specific goal at a specific time.  The quality of all the products I've purchased is top-notch, and the kids on my caseload have loved them. It is also incredibly convenient.  All the digital products you purchase are available for instant downloading, which is a huge benefit.

I have a GIGANTIC collection of TpT materials, and if I listed them all, you'd be reading this post until Christmas!  So I think I will just tell you about several that I just can't live without.

One of my favorite sellers is Mia McDaniel. She is an incredibly creative person who creates extremely useful products.  Some of my favorites are her Tackling Apraxia Products.

I have used these with many children in countless ways.  The kids love the variety of popular characters featured in these sets, and I love that I can just print them and be ready to go.

Another favorite product I've purchased this fall is Preschool Speech/Language Probes and Data Collection by Lauren LaCour.

This tool has been enormously helpful for establishing and tracking both expressive and receptive language goals in my preschoolers.

I love to use games in treatment, and I have found some really great ones on TpT.  One of my favorites is Sizzle by Sublime Speech.

Kids turn over cards that have a letter and a category on them and have to come up with an answer that matches.  It is great for working on categorization, word associations, word finding, and processing speed.  I've used this game to target fluency, too.  I've even sent home sets of cards to be used as homework.  This is an awesome game and you NEED to add it to your collection!

Another go-to item I purchased this year was Cariboo: Year-Round Vocabulary Cards by Kari Radovich.

If you've been on social media in the last year, you know how much SLPs love the Cariboo game, and this one is an excellent resource to make that game even better.  This product includes cards to use in place of the original Cariboo cards, all organized by themes.  It is so useful!

I could go on and on about the materials I purchased on TpT.  I'm pretty much addicted and with new products being added every day, I can't see stopping anytime soon!  But I'm a seller, too, so let me tell you a little bit about my store.  I opened my store with the intent to share inexpensive materials with other SLPs, so almost all of my products are priced less than $2.00.  I love to make quick little games and materials to go along with favorite games and books.  I do not have it in me to make large, comprehensive units...my attention span is too short, so if you're looking for those types of materials, you probably won't find them in my store.  But let me show you some of my most popular items.

Snowman Slam is a great little game for following auditory directions.  It can be used with kids preschool through first grade.  To see this game in detail, click here.  By the way, this is just one of my popular Slam! games.  Check my store for the farmyard, Santa, Valentine, picnic and Valentine versions.

My Take Out Topics are great little no-prep sets for working on carryover for R, S-Blends and CH.  View them here.  I get lots of positive feedback on these and they are only $1.00 per set!

I'd love it if you'd take a look at all my little games and materials.  I think you'll really find something useful and fun.

Please let me know why YOU love TpT!

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