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October 19, 2012

Peek-a-Boo Trick or Treat App Review

I've got a great app to go along with my fun little paper sack book that I showed you last week.  It's called Peekaboo Trick or Treat, from Night & Day Studios, the makers of the very popular Peekaboo Barn app that's been a hit with toddlers everywhere.  It has darling graphics created by Ed Emberley, the wonderful author/illustrator who gave us the classic book Go Away, Big Green Monster! that are silly rather than scary, and fun sound effects that just beg to be imitated.  Best of all, it's easy to play with just a touch, making it accessible to kids with motor challenges.

The silly doors to the "haunted house" wiggle and shake, inviting you to open them, accompanied by knocking and a silly sound made by the creature inside.

The doors open to reveal a single Halloween creature, who continues to make the silly.

The actions and sounds stop, and a written word appears on the screen, accompanied by a child's voice saying the word.

A tap to the screen makes the creature disappear and the doors close, only to start the sequence again.  There are 14 different characters that rotate through the opening and closing of the doors, culminating in a dance party for all.

How fun is that?  My little ones think it's a riot and just love imitating the crazy sounds.  I've used it all week with the same kiddos who made the paper sack books I showed you in my post Halloween Bugs Book and Preschool Craft from last week.  We say "knock knock" before we touch the doors, and then practice saying variations of the words that go along with the characters.

Have fun with this one!