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February 5, 2017

The Frenzied SLPs Sharing Kindness

Thanks for stopping by! You are so kind for visiting me! 

(Ha! See what I did there?)


We haven't seen much of it happening in our news these days. In fact, it seems like negativity and selfish behaviors reign supreme.

But, do you know what? Kindness is still out there. You just have to decide to look for it, and you'll see it all around you. 

That smile from the cashier at the grocery store.

That person who held the door open for you when your arms were full.

That unselfish person who let you go first at the four way intersection.

That kindergartner that ran up to you and gave you that hug on the playground.

That staff member who brought in homemade treats for the staff meeting.

That text from a friend, just because she's thinking about you.

And, do you know what happens once you start looking for it? You spot it, and it warms your heart. It gives you hope for humanity! And then, you start to become more aware of the ways you can spread kindness, too!

We learn from the examples of others.

With that in mind, I want to share my freebie with you. It's a Kindness Scavenger Hunt! Kids catch their classmates being kind to one another and write their names next to the behaviors they observe.

Once the list is full, you reward the students with a little kindness in return. You can give them one of these fun little brag tags, or a small treat. Even better, let them choose a brag tag to give to one of the people they spotted being kind!

Because I wanted to be extra kind, there are black and white versions of each of these sheets so you can save money on ink if that's a concern. You can find this freebie in my TpT store.  

"Be kind, one to another."
Ephesians 4:32

My friend, Jen at Speech Universe wants to keeping the kindness going, so click on the heart below to take you to her blog.

Or if you'd like to start at the beginning of the hop, click on this one:


  1. Wonderful post, my kind friend! #kindnessiscontagious

  2. I love this activity! Thanks for your kindness!

  3. I LOVE the kindness scavenger hunt! What a great way to teach kids about kindness. Both of your freebies made me smile from ear to ear. While I'm here, thanks for being such a good listener and friend to me. Love, Mia

  4. I love the scavenger hunt idea!

  5. Love this! The kids will have so much fun with this!

  6. A kindness scavenger hunt! So fun! Thank you!

  7. How fun! Thank you for sharing your kindness :)

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