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August 15, 2015

Bananagrams for Synonyms

I pulled out an old favorite this week: Bananagrams! I forgot how much this kids like this one and how many different ways there are to use it to target language goals. I'm going to share how we played this week.

First, each player chose twenty letters. I left the letters facing up so the kids could choose the ones they wanted.  The directions were to use all twenty letters to make words, crossword puzzle style. The players could exchange letters one at a time if they needed a different letter to make a word, and add a few extra to complete the final word if necessary.

After the players' words were complete, each player named the words they made. Then, they took turns choosing one of their words and naming a synonym for that word. If they couldn't think of one, we looked the word up on Thesaurus.com.

Next week, we're going to try this again with word associations. Instead of naming a synonym, I'll have the students name a word that goes along with each word.

Do you use Bananagrams in treatment? Tell me how in the comments!

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