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May 9, 2012

A Great Game for Practicing Final R Words

I just had to share another one of my favorite games.  It is called One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Memory Game, and I use it for working on the Final R sound.  The game box has five hidden windows on it with removable panels that are labeled "near", "far", "here", "there" and "somewhere".  Objects are hidden below the panels in a sea of tiny blue beads.  To play the game, the player spins the spinner which tells him or which panel he can remove.  The player turns over a card which tells him which object to look for.  If one of the objects hiding behind the panel matches the card, the player keeps the card and draws another.  Play continues until a player collects six cards.

The spinner tells you where you can look; If you land on "Wave", you need to shake the game to mix up the hidden objects.

Example of hidden objects once a panel is removed.
This game is great for working on the following words:

     here     there     near     far   somewhere     there   anywhere   for    or     more

If we are at the sentence level, I have the student say a sentence including two location names and the object before he removes a panel.  It might go like this:  "Look near or far for a red fish."  If he finds what he's looking for, he gets to look for more items in the same location, so I have him say, "Look for more."  Sometimes I write out the target phrases/sentences on a card with the "r's" highlighted as a prompt to remember to say all those "r's" correctly.

This game can take up to 15 minutes to complete, but it provides numerous opportunities to practice those "r's".  The kids request it repeatedly, so I know they like it, too!

Have fun!


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